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Group Facilitators:
This is a depression support group for women with the goal of offering support and caring for any woman dealing with any kind of depression.  It is a friendly, caring, and supportive group for everyone. It is not for medical advice, but to offer ideas and support to those who need it.

Group size is small to encourage open expression and the opportunity to share by everyone in attendance.  Sessions are always confidential.  The group meets on a weekly basis. 

Sessions are affordable at a standard fee of $30 per session.  We will be happy to file insurance.  For more information about this group, contact Tammy Axtell at 782-1443, extension 123.
Judith Kellenberger, Psychologist, is a graduate of PSU and is the facilitator for the Asperger's Group.  Judi is a full-time therapist with extensive experience with children, adolescents, and adults.  She has 8 years' experience in a youth psychiatric hospital, in addition to 15 years in private practice. 
The Asperger's Group focuses on social survival skills.  The current group is for males and females aged 18 and older and meets every Tuesday from 6 to 7 pm.  The goals of the group are:
Increase Social Intelligence
Improve insight and judgment
Learn how to react to stressful situations
Gain self-awareness
Recognize recycling thinking patterns
Practice derailing negative and rigid thinking
Improve regulation of depression & anger
Improve relationships with family & friends
Get the "big picture"--see the forest
Expand a sense of humor
Enjoy a support group (give and get feedback)
Women's Depression
Sessions are $20/session.  For more information about this group, contact Judith Kellenberger at 782-1443, extension 124.
If you are a Medicare patient with emotional problems and/or a chronic medical condition, please consider attending this open counseling and support group. 

This group is co-led by a licensed counselor and a licensed psychologist.

Group sessions are held every Tuesday at 2:00 pm.

Please contact Dr. Gregory Koehler, Ph.D., group supervisor, at 782-1443, extension 126.

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Special Needs
Nicole Black, M.S. (MO 2003004290)
is a graduate of PSU.  She is a generalist.  She is a part-time licensed counselor.

Women's Depression
Special Needs
Asperger's Group